The Side Story

The Beginnings

Established in 2004, Atelier Saint-Honoré is born from the encounter between the two founders passionate by the uniform crafting business, who knew during all these years how to satisfy and meet the expectations of brands.

Since its creation, this company has surrounded itself with loyal designers and manufacturers. It owes its performance to the perfect complementarity residing within its team.
Thus, Atelier Saint-Honoré provides collections specifically to meet customer expectations.

Our Philosophy

Atelier Saint-Honoré has surrounded itself by trusted service providers for many years, whether our crafters, our designers, our production or our logistics platform. Since a small decade, we have built a real and strong loyal relationship with our various subcontractors.

The particularity of our company, since its inception, is to manufacture uniforms without falling into the monotonous classical style. We adapt to any type of customer, yet we play our difference on the “trendy” and “modern” aspect of our garments. It should be well understood that a uniform can be at the same time chic, and well worn, keeping it conventional at the same time.

Of course we respect and give life to the projects of our our clients. Listening is an essential point for us, because we want to make sure we understand perfectly what he wants. However, as experts in uniform, we also direct the client within the process of design of the models, taking into account his technical specifications, in order to give him a uniform that will stick the best to the image of the brand.

The uniform daily accompanies the employees wearing it and thus aesthetic, comfort and ease are a crucial matter.

It is mandatory for us that our style department brings refinement to details, keeping in mind that the salespersons must not be jaded wearing it. Ease of movement, clean-friendly and durability: every aspect is carefully studied.


Atelier Saint-Honoré controls the development of each model, and meets the specifications and constraints of the most demanding customers with a custom and tailored service.

At the request of some prestigious clients, Atelier Saint-Honoré collaborates with renowned designers such as Alexis Mabille for Guerlain or Phoebe Philo for Cartier to adapt and interpret their creations.

Our top 3 priorities

• Research qualitative fabrics, comfortable, easy to maintain and resistant
• High end finishes
• Respect of the client’s technical specifications : delivery time, delivery addresses, dispatch to various point of sales

Atelier Saint-Honoré is an ally of choice when it comes to advice and to guide you through the creation of your sales force uniform. We will do our best to convey your brand image with elegancy.