The Craftsmanship


Each client is unique: the outfits are unique to each brand, identifiable and always contemporary.

The Uniform as a concept

Atelier Saint-Honoré has created a new concept of uniforms for brands that wish to convey a qualitative picture: high-end outfits, well cut, that meets the trends laws without losing the uniform feel to it.

An European Production

With European manufacturing for more than 80% of its production, Atelier Saint-Honoré has managed to find the best European knowledge.


Our workshop drives a day to day study to research and find the best fabrics, for a more comfortable, easy to maintain and durable outfit.


Finishes are at the service of a very professional style, giving to the clothes a long-lasting life and a greater neatness.

Respect of the request

Atelier Saint-Honoré makes it a point of honor in respect of the requests of its customers (quality control, delivery, packaging and maintenance).


Atelier Saint-Honoré thinks about the people who wear their uniforms, and making them take pleasure in wearing it every day is our ultimate goal.


Our standard cut can fit any kind of size or shape, and are designed with a trendy edge, to avoid the monotonous of classical, and with a timeless feel thanks to a touch of modernity.


Valuing your sales and service team in order to make them proud to work for your brand, these are our two priorities.


Atelier Saint-Honoré gives the brands more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in visual identity.

Quality Control

At each step of the uniform production, Atelier Saint-Honoré verifies that the cut, the details and the finishes of the model are consistent with the client’s request.


Our logistics platform (PLD in Roissy) continuously offers all facilities: dispatching by shops or by countries, international transport network, providing a permanent stock for delivery within 48 hours, and secure storage.